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Friday Fundraising Update: Weeks 12-14

  Weeks 12 , 13 & 14 Update: Online Dontions - $125 Indoor Triathlon Registration Proceeds - $1,500 Sponsor-A-Mile Puerto Rico - $55 (so far 😉) Overall Total:  $10,594 February Goal: $10,000 (Crushed!! Can we get to $11,000??) Fundraising Events (mark your calendars): March Shopping Fundraiser  -  March 14-20:  Semper Sparkle Shop (customized tumblers and such).  Join the  fb group  or  shop here .  20% of each purchase is donated. Sponsor-A-Mile    - I am racing IM 70.3 Puerto Rico on March 20th and you can sponsor a mile of that race.  All the info can be found here . How you can help: Participate in the events above and invite your friends to participate, too!  Online raffle items - Donations of prizes for online raffles are greatly appreciated. If you can donate items, I will gladly put a logo and a link on the advertisements for the raffle.  Top in Topsail - I will be organizing my 2nd annual Top In Topsail Memorial Day Raffle this year.  If you own (or know the owner) of a

TWOsday FUN!!

  Happy TWOsday!  2.22.22 on a Tuesday...  I couldn't resist :-) Today I will be sharing lots about the Ironman Foundation on my FB fundraising page and asking for donations.  $22+ donations ;-)  For everyone that donates $22+ today and invites 2 people to the event will be entered to WIN an Amazon Gift Card. To be entered: 1.  Donate $22+ to 2.  Invite 2 people at 3.  Comment done at I will draw a winner LIVE on Wednesday afternoon us

Why I Tri (2022 rewrite)

Going into the 2022 race season having been selected as an Ambassador for the Ironman Foundation has me reflecting on WHY... Why triathlon has become such an important part of who I am. Why I will go the extra mile to fundraise while I train and race. Why I will help build a culture in Team IMF of family and collaboration. Why I will continue to believe that Anything Is Possible! Growing up, I enjoyed swimming and biking, nothing competitive, they were just my preferred outdoor activities. Even though I participated in track in high school, running was never my thing. Fast forward to 2010, I had two active kids (8 and 10), a teaching career, an amazing husband, and a nice house. I was fluffy but did not think myself fat. On paper (well on Facebook), it looked like I “had it all.” I was going through the motions of being a teacher, taxi mom, wife, and friend. Something was missing, I just didn’t know what it was… yet. At age 10, my son was learning to love to run and wanted to participa

Fundraising Friday Update: Weeks 10 & 11

  Weeks 10 & 11 Update: Online Donations: $776 Superbowl Squares: $1000 Indoor Triathlon Sponsorship: $100 (Thank you " The Running Realtor ") Overall Total:  $8826 February Goal: $10,000  Fundraising Events (mark your calendars): February Shopping Fundraiser  -  Feb 7-12:  Zyia Shopping.  Join the fb group or shop here .  20% of each purchase is donated. Superbowl Squares  - See my post on  Facebook  to get in on squares!  It's $20/square and prizes are $200/qtr for the first 3 quarters and $400 for the end of the game.  14 Squares Remaining Cape Fear Indoor Triathlon  -  February 12, 2022  Please consider registering for this FUN EVENT FOR ALL LEVELS OF ATHLETES! We have even added a virtual option!!   You can register at   How you can help: Participate in the events above and encourage your friends and family to participate as well! I will be doing online raffles starting in March 2022. Donations of prizes are grea