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IM70.3 Puerto Rico Race Report

 " Why did you choose this race?"  Before we could talk about race and nutrition plans, Coach Sami asked me that question.  I 100% chose it for the destination and the vacation Mark and I would have after the race in San Juan.  What a great perspective to tuck away for race day! Mark and I got to San Juan on Thursday afternoon and checked into our VRBO on Condado beach.  I chose this location because of the view... and its proximity to swim start.  It was a bit of a hike to get to the athlete's village and transition, but still doable which made everything easier than trying to deal with the traffic in San Juan!   Friday and Saturday, I got checked-in.  Rode my bike a couple of times on the super SAFE green paths found near transition.  I swam with several other athletes and ran in the middle of the day to TRY to acclimate a little to the heat and humidity.  I met tons of Team Zoot and Ironman Foundation Teammates.  I stuck to my nutrition plan with pasta on Friday and Wa

How it started... How to become a Triathlete

  I was listening to Mike Reilly's podcast with Triathlon Taren the other day and it had me reminiscing on how it started for me, 10 years ago.  In the podcast Taren remembers asking a friend how to become a triathlete.  The answer...  "sign up for a race and do it." In 2012 that is just what I did.  I had just started running 5ks in 2011 to keep up with my 10 year old who had found a love of running.  I did NOT love running... but I had always enjoyed swimming and biking as a kid.  So, when the instructor of my morning spin class started talking about a local sprint triathlon I was intrigued.  Without doing any real "training plan," I found an indoor triathlon to sign up for and I did it!  With that, on March 4th 2012, I became a triathlete... and I was HOOKED!! On May 26th, 2012 I participated in my first outdoor triathlon.  It was a sprint distance race at Island Lake in Michigan.  I had used a 6 week training plan I found at and fe

Friday Fundraising Update: Weeks 15-16

  Weeks 15 & 16 Update: Corporate Match (google) - $1,100 Shopping Fundraiser ( Zyia with Melissa York ) - $400 TWOsday Donations - $88 Sponsor-A-Mile Puerto Rico  - $381 Overall Total:  $12,475 March Goal: $13,000 Fundraising Events (mark your calendars): March Shopping Fundraiser  -  March 14-20:  Semper Sparkle Shop  (customized tumblers and such).  Join the  fb group  or  shop here .  20% of each purchase is donated. Sponsor-A-Mile    - I am racing IM 70.3 Puerto Rico on March 20th and you can sponsor a mile of that race.  All the info can be found  here . How you can help: Participate in the events above and invite your friends to participate, too!  Online raffle items - Donations of prizes for online raffles are greatly appreciated. If you can donate items, I will gladly put a logo and a link on the advertisements for the raffle.  Top in Topsail - I will be organizing my 2nd annual Top In Topsail Memorial Day Raffle this year.  If you own (or know the owner) of a local establ