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Race Report: Big Fish

I keep pretty good records...  I have google sheet that I keep my races on.  My google sheet told me I was doing the sprint distance at Big Fish - 1 week after my half ironman.  This is logical.  The olympic course at Bit Fish is HARD!  Sprint.  Ready.  Arrive at venue - find out I signed up for the Olympic - WHAT WAS I THINKING!! Even though I could have dropped to the sprint, I decided to go for it.  It was a beautiful morning.  I found extra fuel in my Jeep (in the form of mini sweet tarts.)  May as well do the olympic.  So I reset my goals and got ready to race, on my extremely tired/worn out legs.  (Did I mention I rode 42.50 miles on Saturday... because it was "just a sprint.") Sunrise over Big Fish Lake Swim - 1500m - 31:15 - It was a beautiful morning and the lake looked so still.  The olympic distance swim called for two loops, without exiting the water.  My pace was pretty consistent throughout the whole swim.  A little slower than normal, but not bad.  

IM 70.3 Chattanooga Race Report

In September of last year, about 80 of my Infinite Multisport team members signed up for this race... peer pressure is a real thing.  As a teacher, an early season half is difficult to 1)Train for and 2) Plan around.  But...  On September 15th, I pulled the trigger For the next several months, I trained for this race - focusing on my run training with a couple of half marathons thrown in to keep my "interested." I did have a teammate share a ride and a room with me.  It was great to have Tara to share the long drive with.  Since I could only take one day off of work, I chose to take the Monday after the race off to drive home.  We were finally able to leave on Friday at about 3:30.  Stopping in Lexington for a brief sleep, we got into Chattanooga on Saturday at about 11am.  Of our long list of things to accomplish, we did everything except for swim. We were pretty happy to have so many teammates there!  From team pictures, to team dinners, to just havin

2016 Sky Tri and Sky Kids Tri

This is a local race that Melissa and I have done together for 3 years now.  With a pool swim, it is usually OK that it is in May in Michigan...  Today it snowed!!  We are tough!  We still raced :-) Melissa's race was the 11-14 year old division, her last year in the kids tri. Melissa set her goals based on last year's results (which was a 40:56): Rockstar: 40:00, Super Happy: 43:00, Better Do: Finish :-) Swim - 400m -   5:05 -  3/5 Age Group  - This was a snaking pool swim.  She said it was a little crowded and could not pass, but she also hasn't been to a swim practice in over a year. Bike 4.3 mi - 21:19 -  3/5 Age Group - - This was a challenging course with a couple of big hills.  They also had the kids stop after the first loop to get a sticker on their helmet.  She said it was difficult to get started again after that.  She was still 4 minutes faster than last year! Run - 1 mi - 9:53 -  4/5 Age Group   - I am so proud of her for this time.  She has been wor