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2016 Sky Tri and Sky Kids Tri

This is a local race that Melissa and I have done together for 3 years now.  With a pool swim, it is usually OK that it is in May in Michigan...  Today it snowed!!  We are tough!  We still raced :-)

Melissa's race was the 11-14 year old division, her last year in the kids tri.
Melissa set her goals based on last year's results (which was a 40:56): Rockstar: 40:00, Super Happy: 43:00, Better Do: Finish :-)

Swim - 400m - 5:05 -  3/5 Age Group  - This was a snaking pool swim.  She said it was a little crowded and could not pass, but she also hasn't been to a swim practice in over a year.
Bike 4.3 mi - 21:19 -  3/5 Age Group -- This was a challenging course with a couple of big hills.  They also had the kids stop after the first loop to get a sticker on their helmet.  She said it was difficult to get started again after that.  She was still 4 minutes faster than last year!

Run - 1 mi - 9:53 -  4/5 Age Group  - I am so proud of her for this time.  She has been working on her run, and it showed today.  It was snowing big fluffy snowflakes and she still pushed through!  

Results = 39:18 - 3rd Age Group (F13-14), 11/32 overall 
Sprint Distance Adults Race
I did not set specific time goals for this race, because it was a "C" priority race, and they shortened the bike to a 10-mile route.  I knew I wanted to work out the bugs for next week's IM70.3 in Chattanooga.  While I was unloading the bikes... bug number 1 - no water bottle for the bike.  Rookie mistake, but at least it was only a 10 mile route AND it was freezing!!

Swim - 800m - 8:22 -  3/9 Age Group  - This was also a snaking pool swim.  I placed myself at 8:30, but I had to do a lot of passing.   I could have been faster - next year I will seed around 8:00.  bug number 2:  did not hit start for the swim on my watch :-(

Bike 10 mi - 36:19 -  2/9 Age Group -- This bike course is very hilly at the beginning and the end.  I had to get off my bike completely to get around a truck that was stopped at a turn, cop was not letting him by and he was too close the edge to ride next to him.  UGH!!  bug number 3: power meter was not being picked up by either of my garmins. I don't really need it on a 10 mile ride, but I will want to get that worked out before next weekend!

Run - 3.1 mi - 28:24 -  3/5 Age Group  - Solid run.  Very hilly!!  I only walked to take off my cycling jacket.  Weather was tough - I was freezing but sweating.  I did one loop with jacket on and one with jacket off.  I was faster without it, but exposed skin was VERY red!!  bug number 4: the top hickie on my shoes came loose right outside of transition.  I will want to work on that before next week, too!

Results = 1:16:11 - 1st Age Group (F40-44), 32/128 overall (this race was won in transition for me.  If you notice I did not win any of the three disciplines, but was close enough in all of them, that my speedy transitions were enough to get me the edge!)

Proud to represent TriToFinish in the awesome EpixGear race kit on the course and the podium!


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