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#MotivationMonday: Setting Goals

As I went through my social media today and saw all of the great #motivationmonday video and quotes, I really thought about what motivates me.  One of the big things that I know works for me is goal setting.  When I very first started getting into running and triathlon, a good friend and colleague suggested that I set 3 goals.  Knowing that I am a bit competitive/type A, I think that she did not want me to be disappointed if I didn't get a PR every race.  So my goal setting tradition began. Every race (well most every race), I set 3 goals.  I call them my Rockstar Goal, Super Happy Goal, and Happy Goal.  I often where the black Fellow Flowers Rockstar flower :-) Notice the Black Flower on my visor :-) The goals are determined the same for every race.  Rockstar Goal is to beat my PR for that distance or that race.  If it is a new distance/race I choose a time that I know would take my 110% effort.  Happy goal is often just to finish the race with a smile, especially for the l

Race Report: Sanford Lake Triathlon

Since Sanford Lake Triathlon is a Tri To Finish  event, I got to work registration on Saturday. I love seeing everyone getting geared up for their race.  I met several other Tri To Finish athletes and met a handful of people that were taking on their first multisport event. I really do love this sport!! I stayed Saturday night at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Midland.  It was nicer than what I normally stay in!  Once I checked in, I found a Big Boy for my pancake dinner and then headed back to the hotel to change my tube (realized it was flat that morning.)  I was much happier to change it in the hotel room, than on the side of the course! Swim - 1500m - 28:04-  It turns out I left my goggles in the garage at my house.  I always have extras, but they are extras because I quit using them - for various reasons.  The 30 minutes before race start was spent deciding which goggles I hated the least. The olympic distance swim called for two loops, without exiting the water.  I felt

Tri Greenville Triathlon: Race Report

Tri Greenville Triathlon holds a special place in my heart.  Three years ago this was Melissa's first OWS triathlon.  She placed in her division, which gave her "the bug." These two pictures are from 2014 and 2015. Melissa's race was U-15 division Melissa set her goals based on last year's results (which was a 43:33): Rockstar: 43:00, Super Happy: 45:00, Better Do: Finish :-) Swim - 200m -   2:55 (1:27/100m!!) -  1/4 Age Group, 2/16 Gender   - The beginning of this swim is tough!!  30-40 11-15 year old kids running into the water at the same time.  Once she broke out of the pack she was able to clean her stroke up, but it was very much like a washing machine full of barbie dolls arms to start!  I was so proud to see her come out in the front of the pack (2nd, but top three came out at basically the same time!) Bike 3.75 mi - 14:50 (15.2 mph) -  1/4 Age Group, 4/16 Gender - - Shortly after transition this bike course has a pretty significant hill and ac