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#wcw #whywetri style: Meet Laura

For this week's #wcw #whywetri style, I would like to introduce you to my first "Trifriend": Laura

Laura and I in 2014
If you are part of a the triathlon community, you know what a trifriend is.  These are the people that you only know because of triathlon, but you feel like you have know them your whole life.  Laura and I were both sponsored by the same company in 2014 and I have been so thankful for that ever since.  We have done roughly a million races together.  We laugh because even when we are both at a race unplanned, we always seem to find each other.

Laura is so encouraging, motivating, and caring.  She personifies one of my favorite things about triathlon - the warm, caring, and encouraging environment.  I am so pleased to share her triathlon story, in her words:

1. When was your first tri (or when will it be), and what made you sign up?

Big Fish, June 2012 a good friend had encouraged myself and another good friend to sign up. It took one sprint triathlon and I was hooked!

2. What motivates you to do triathlons?

At first it was simply that I was burned out on running and thought trying something like triathlon was a new challenge. Then it became so much more, it was now an addiction. I realized how happy I felt before, during and after. The sport of triathlon is so rewarding and the other athletes were encouraging, inspiring and motivating. Now, I don’t know what I would do without the friendships I’ve made in this sport and thanks for social media and modern technology I can follow my friends on a daily basis. If I’ve met you in the sport of triathlon, you have motivated me !

3. What races are on your bucket list?

Louisville was next on my bucket list, which I’m currently registered and training for. I haven’t thought much yet about what is next on the bucket list, because my focus is so driven to making it to that finish. The last four years have lead me to this dream of crossing the finish of a full ironman. I’m so excited and nervous !! As most my close friends and family know, there will be another race. It’s just a matter of when and where. I can say my best friend and I have been eye balling the Walt Disney World Marathon which is multiple fun races in a weekend. It’s been on the bucket list.

4. What are you the most proud of?

My son, who encourages me, motivates me, worries about me. He is always so understanding to schedules and craziness that triathlon brings.

5. If you could race with one person, who would it be and why?

This is a great question and made me think for a minute! I would say Team Hoyt, Dick and Rick Hoyt. I would love race with these two awesome gentleman and get to know them. These are the stories and truly inspire me and encourage me.

Laura, I was so proud to watch you cross the finish line at IM70.3 Muncie last year and can't wait to here all about your journey to the Louisville finish line!


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