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Lumberman Olympic Distance: Race Report

I am totally stealing this idea from Swim Bike Mom , to do a race report after the race.  To remember (and share) the details as best as I can, before they are gone.  Wish I would have done this for the previous races this year - but since I know I have MANY races in my future...  I will start now :-) Lumberman is a 3 Disciplines Racing  event located in Cadillac, MI.  Since this is 3 hours from home, I did not want to leave at 2:30am, so I got a room through again.  This is the 3rd time I have done this in 2014 (saving up for my free night :-))  I ended up a Caberfae Peaks, which is a ski resort.  This was the view from my room:  After settling in, I went out for the hour long bike ride called for in my HIM training.  I decided to "take it easy" to make sure I didn't tire my legs for the race...  Ya - check out this elevation change: so much for an easy ride. After a rough night of sleep (thanks to a few guys that stayed up all night partying by the