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First: The "Thank You"s

I have heard it said, that it takes a village to "raise an Ironman."  I am not the best writer, and will never articulate my appreciation as deeply as I feel it, but I will certainly try!

I would like to say Thank You to - in no particular order (well mostly):

  • Infinite Multisport Triathlon Club:
    When I joined the club at the end of last year, I had NO intention of tackling an Ironman.  After listening to so many inspiring stories, I started to dream it could be possible for me too.  Adam, Kristine, Dan, David, Eric, Laura, and Brandy have been particularly helpful in getting me to that finish line!  Thank you!!  An added Thank You to Dan, Dave, and Bob for all of the support on the course.  I am honored to have shared that course with such awesome athletes!

  • Coach Landall Proctor from Detroit Endurance Labs: 
    I started with Landall after training on my own for a couple of months.  He got me through my marathon with a smile and coached me through a hip injury.  His guidance in tackling power training on the bike was great.  I know that I would not have been successful without him, in both 70.3 Muncie and IMLP! Thank you!!

  • Dr. Jessica Halverson at Team Rehab Shelby Annex
    Jessica is the PT that I found after the motorcycle accident two years ago.  I was so happy to get back on her schedule with the hip injury after Mt. Clemens marathon in April.  I knew she would push me to continue to get strong - WHILE I trained for the Ironman.  I had ZERO hip pain during the race!  Thank you!!!

  • My Tri-Buddies - Laura and Genie:
    I was so thrilled, honored, and inspired to be able to race with them at IM70.3 Muncie. Leading up to that race and on race day (and still) they have been a wonderful resource for tips and tricks to get through the event.  It is so great to have people like them to navigate these waters with!  Thanks, ladies!!

  • My amazing family:
    Training for an Ironman takes a lot out of you.  Time, money, AND physical and emotional strength.  I know that without the help and patience of these 3, I could not have done it.  They picked up the slack, put on their patience, all while cheering me on.  I am so lucky to have the full support of my husband and kiddos - without it I could not have gotten to race day, let alone through it!  Thank you!  Love you!

  • My Best Friend:

    I do not have the words...  I have crazy ideas!  I am an "all in kind" of girl.  Denise supports me no matter what.  When I told her I was going to do Muncie, she asked if she could come - from North Carolina - to watch.  That was the original plan...  then I started to get bigger dreams.  I called her up and asked how she felt about New York at the end of July, instead of the Indiana in the middle of July.  Of course, she didn't hesitate - because she never does.  She has my back and is by my side in every decision I make (good and bad.)  It meant so much to have her there! Someone to share the week with and someone to look forward to seeing on the course.  I could go on forever, but I will still never articulate how amazingly lucky I am to have my Neener in my life.  I am not going to lie - it takes more mental strength than I have to finish an Ironman.  I definitely borrowed strength from several sources during the day - Denise was by far one of the people I borrowed a lot of that strength from.  Thank you!!  For Sunday and for everyday!  Love you!

There are more people I should thank!  Everyone on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - leading up to, during, and after the race - sharing great ideas and such huge support.  It is so motivating and inspiring to share this journey with such awesome people.  My "up north" family (Mom, Dad, Jay, Ian, Meg, and Dave) gave me support and a great place to train.  They have taught me how to be strong for my whole life - Sunday I got to use those lessons completely!  

I will post a "race report" in the next day or so.  I am still working on how to explain such an amazing day...


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