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Race Report: Sanford Lake Triathlon

Since Sanford Lake Triathlon is a Tri To Finish event, I got to work registration on Saturday. I love seeing everyone getting geared up for their race.  I met several other Tri To Finish athletes and met a handful of people that were taking on their first multisport event. I really do love this sport!!

I stayed Saturday night at the Baymont Inn & Suites in Midland.  It was nicer than what I normally stay in!  Once I checked in, I found a Big Boy for my pancake dinner and then headed back to the hotel to change my tube (realized it was flat that morning.)  I was much happier to change it in the hotel room, than on the side of the course!

Swim - 1500m - 28:04- It turns out I left my goggles in the garage at my house.  I always have extras, but they are extras because I quit using them - for various reasons.  The 30 minutes before race start was spent deciding which goggles I hated the least. The olympic distance swim called for two loops, without exiting the water.  I felt great on the whole swim.  We started with the olympic men, so I did get swam over in the beginning a bit, but once that was over, it was smooth sailing.  My swim time was  full 2 minutes faster than my previous PR!  If only the swim was a bigger percentage of the race :-) 

Bike - 40k - 1:13:53 This bike course is flat and fast.  We have very little wind to contend with.  I finally got my power meter to sync up to my watch, so I kept a close eye on it.  It was supposed to be hot, and I wanted to save some effort for the run.  So I kept my power/cadence combo as close to 205/85 as possible and rode.  

Run - 10k - 58:47 - The run was on a bike/run trail, one of the rail trails in that area.  There was not much shade and it was HOT!  But the course was pretty flat and it was well supported.  I walked a lot, but I managed my walking using my heart rate.  I was still able to get in under and hour, which I knew is what I needed to get my PR.  The Tri To Finish announce, Justin, informed me on my way out for the run that the clock was at 1:44 - my rockstar goal was 2:45...  keep it under an hour... keep it under an hour... that was my mantra for the run.  I can't believe I PR'd two weekends in a row!!  

You can tell by this picture that I was pretty happy when I crossed the finish line!

Results: 2:43:04: 2nd Age Group (Female 40-44)


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