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Race Report: Caseville 70.3

On the Saturday before race day, I hung out by the course map and sold raffle tickets for a "Coveted Transition Spot" for my fundraising.  I got to talk to lots of athletes about the course and about Women for Tri :-)  It was a gorgeous afternoon and helped me get excited for the race on Sunday

I stayed at an Ameriway Inn and Suites in Bad Axe, MI.  They were so nice from the second I checked in to the early morning breakfast they set up for the triathletes that were staying there.  To make it even better, there was a big boy right in the parking lot for my pancake dinner ;-)  I will be staying there again for future Caseville Races!!

I got to transition way too early, as usual, and got myself set up.  The water was a little choppier than I had hoped, but not terrible.  It was nice to have extra time to visit with teammates and start to get "race ready."  I was not in my normal "racing" mindset though.  This race was originally planned  as a redemption race for 70.3 Chattanooga.  My time at Chattanooga was not bad, but it was not what I wanted, and was slower than my other two 70.3 races.  Once I was selected for the Inspiration Spot for Kona, I had to change my training pretty significantly to prepare for the long race.  This half is not in an "ideal" place in my training, so I thought I would treat it like a supported long training day.  As I watched the water, I was more relaxed than normal and just didn't have the competitive fire that I normally feel on race day.  I had set my goals, but was pretty sure that Happy Goal would be the most likely on that Sunday.

Swim - 1.2 miles - 39:20- I have never had to swim in waves/chop.  All of my races so far have been on very calm lakes or rivers.  There has been some slight chop on the Detroit River at Belle Isle, I guess - but nothing compared to the waves/chop we had that morning in Lake Huron.  I guess I must have adjusted well, but I had no idea while I was swimming.  The sensation of swimming in those conditions were so different than what I am used to, I had no concept of how fast (or slow) I was swimming.  So I just kept swimming (sorry...)  It felt slow to me, but I was OK, this was just a supported long training day.  Turns out I was wrong, I was pretty fast - 3rd fastest female out of the water.

Bike - 56 miles - 2:49:17 This bike course was pretty flat, but there was a little bit of a crosswind on the water.  I turned one too many times to, but that didn't hurt my time overall.  Since it is an out and back, twice - I knew exactly when I moved into 2nd place and I knew there was no way I would catch first place.  I also knew that my rockstar goal was actually in reach... the competitive mindset started to kick in.  The course is beautiful, mostly riding within view of the shoreline.  The residents were in their driveways cheering us on.  I choose my races based on the bike course - I will race this race again!

Run - 13.1 miles - 2:11:53 - After a quick transition I headed out on the VERY hot run.  (side note: I am very proud of how my transition times have improved this year.  1:20 and 1:39 for the two transition during this race.)  This run starts going through a neighborhood with very minor hills and shade... but then it goes out into the farms.  If you have read any of my race reports, you know running is never my favorite part of the race.  I had a plan and I stuck to it - even when it was hard.  Every time my watch buzzed for a half mile, I walked 0.05 miles.  It was only about 30 seconds each time, but it was enough to bring my heart rate down.  More importantly it gave me 26 things to look forward to on this course.  26 times, I got to walk.  IT WORKED!!  I even passed people.  I never pass anyone on the run.  For my 3 other half iron distance races I have run a 2:14, 2:27, and 2:25 - I am so proud to have finally moved that number in the right direction.  

When I crossed the finish line, I cried.  A few of my teammates were there cheering for me.  I could not believe I had broken the 6 hour mark, and by over 16 minutes.  

I am so incredibly proud of my teammates, Sabrina and Julianna for their top 3 finishes and PRs as well.  It was a great day for a triathlon!

Results: 5:43:29 2nd Place Overall - my first overall top 3 finish at any distance!


  1. Ahh! Congrats on breaking the 6 hr mark!! I've got my eyes on that too but the heat on that run hit me HARD right at mile 9. Reading your report has me pumped for next year though!


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