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Friday Fundraising Update: Weeks 22-27

  Week 22-27 Update: IM70.3 Virginia's Blue Ridge Sponsor-A-Mile : $25 Top In Topsail: Memorial Day Raffle : $1421 T-Shirt Sales: $12 Semper Sparkle Shop Shopping Fundraiser: $84 Online Donations : $307 Overall Total: $15,735 Fundraising Events (mark your calendars): Sponsor-A-Mile for IM70.3 Virginia's Blue Ridge ENDS JUNE 1ST! Top in Topsail: Memorial Day Raffle - ENDS MAY 29TH June Shopping Fundraiser - Best Friends Boutique with Lisa Niederberger.  Join the fb group to stay in the loop. 25% of each purchase is donated. T-Shirt Sales - Ongoing - How you can help: Participate in the events above and invite your friends to participate, too! Donate Funds: I’m asking for $1 per mile for those who are able, that’s $70.3. However, there is no amount too big or small. All amounts are sacrificing something else in your life and for that, I am so grateful! Plea

2022 Crystal Coast Half Booty Aquabike Race Report

  Pre-Race Beaufort, NC is only 1.5 hours from me, but since packets had to be picked up on Friday I got a hotel and stayed for the night before.  I was not able to swim the course on Friday because the channel is not open for swimming other than during the race.  I picked up my packet, then drove the bike course to get a feel for what I should expect.  Tyler (my 21-year-old son) was in town this week and he wanted Peak Pizza for lunch before he got on the plane back to AZ, so I did not do my normal pre-race pancakes.  I did try to maintain the rest of my pre-race routines though setting out flat Erin and getting my battle braids in the night before. I woke up Saturday morning to lots of rain, further changing my normal pre-race rituals.  I usually try to be one of the first to transition to reduce stress on race morning.  On this day, I was more interested in staying as warm and dry as possible, as long as possible.  I did my goal post from the hotel, which was tough to do since this

2022 White Lake International Distance Race Report

  Pre-Race White Lake is only 1.5 hours from the beach, so I did not go to the race site until race morning.  On the day before, I still did my pre-race routines of washing my bike, eating waffles or pancakes, braiding my hair, and laying out Flat Erin to mentally rehearse transitions.  It was GREAT to be able to sleep in my own bed the night before the race, but my alarm was set for 3:15am to have time do my morning routine (including wordle) before gettin on the road at 4:30am.   The weather on Saturday was gorgeous, maybe a bit windy, but warm and sunny.  Saturday afternoon, a cold front moved in, so we were welcomed with 55 degree, cloudy, windy, almost damp conditions on Sunday morning for the race.  BRRRR!!!!  I drove with the top down on my jeep... and the heat on HIGH.  Once I got checked-in and transition set, I watched the sprint race start.  There is an hour and a half between race starts.  The water was already quite choppy when the sprinters started.  There were several at

2022 Lake Norman Sprint Distance Race Report

  Pre-Race I was excited that this race is fairly close to my BFF's house in Charlotte!!  I drove to her house first and picked her up before heading to the race site to check in, bike the run course, and swim a bit in my new wetsuit in the lake.  She got to do a little trail walking while I did my routines.  Since last week, Charlie at Two-Wheeler Dealer took a look at my wheels and taught me a few things about changing my tire (just in case) and mostly gave me the confidence that I was not set up for another two flat race...  Turns out that last week was totally user error and I had caused my own heartache! We left that race site and she had scoped out a place near her house that served breakfast all day, so I was able to have my pancake dinner.  Not super necessary for a sprint distance, but I love my routines!   My alarm was set for 4:15 allowing me time for coffee and breakfast, but I woke up at 3:30 and could not get back to sleep.  Race morning is like Christmas morning for